I Want To Believe

by Mad Pilot

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Hidden track: Unemployed


released April 20, 2014

It's absolutely DIY



all rights reserved


Mad Pilot город Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
A quiet night is over
I lay with eyes wide open in my bed
The dream has got me nowhere
And I don't know if I'm alive or dead

I hear the clatter
But can not move
In consternation

I feel an evil presence
Thick air is whirling slowly into my head
Weird noises make me breathless
And there's no chance to break out of this state

When every moment
Brings hyperreal

Sheer panic washes over
My body left to shudder
Within a mind refraction
Track Name: Another Day
Take a look at the other side
Do what you've never done before
If you have no desire to try
You’ll get stuck and become a bore

But when I see your face
I feel your mind is blown away
You're led on a merry chase
Trying to find a way

No one knows why had we come through
The net of dreary years
Where you need to weave tomorrow
Just another day

Another day

There's no point in wasting time for
Sadness and decay
Here's a way to drown your sorrows
Enjoy another day

Another day
Track Name: La Rueda Del Diablo
Oh sad times
Oh sad times
Take dope
Track Name: Mary Goes Nowhere
Oh my little pretty
Tell me where you go
Where will you be tomorrow
When will you come home

Nothing really matters
Nothing else to do
You will send me a letter
Which I'll send to you

When I come to a circus
Clowns laugh at me
Can I ask you a question
Would you walk with me?

This is not your boyfriend
This is my enemy
I have burnt all letters
Which you've sent to me

Stupid mother fucker
Tell me where you go
Where will you be tomorrow
When will you come home